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"If you can dream it, we can build it"
Customer Sign milled on CNC
Custom Wood shop Sign For Sale
NFO Close Up-squashed
Harley Sign milled on CNC Machine
US Flag milled on CNC machine
P-8A Poseidon Sign For Sale
Aztec calendar milled on CNC machine
V-Carved Harley Davidson Sign
V-carve Monogram on CNC
P-8A Poseidon Sign for Sale
Millennium Falcon for sale
US Flag milled in Wood on CNC
Harley Davidson Sign milled on CNC
US Navy Aircrew Wings for Sale
US Navy P-3C FE Logo for sale
Porsche sign milled on CNC machine
1010graphixs 1-squashed
Alabama Crimson Tide sign for sale
Dad with Wings-squashed

Custom Made Signs and Memorabilia We Made For Previous Customers

Custom Made Signs & Memorabilia

Made to Your Exact Specifications 

Have you ever looked at a sign or a piece of memorabilia and said to yourself "I really like that, but I wish this or was different."

We get this all the time and we have an easy solution.   We can provide you with a picture of what your sign will look like before it is milled on our 5-axis CNC machine. The high-end software we use depicts what the cutter head will mill exactly in the project piece. No more guessing on what the sign will finally look like - what you see is what you get.


We typically collaborate on the design of the sign with our customers to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Once the comp is approved, we run the sign and you have a design that is 100% yours - try doing that with another vender.  This is what sets 1010 Graphixs apart from anyone else and we do it all at a very reasonable price. 


Give us a call today to start your custom project at 904-589-7716.

My wife holding a sign we fabricated based upon a customer's design idea. The sign measured 2 feet wide x 3 feet tall and was milled in cedar to withstand the harsh winters in Maine. 

Aircrew Wings

US Navy Wings

3D Carved in Wood

Pilot Wings

NFO Wings

NFO Wings



Veteran owned and operated small business

US Flag milled in wood on CNC machin

Made in America  

  • What is sold here is made in my shop located outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

  • We don't outsource from other vendors or import from foreign countries.

  • I don't mass produce projects - they are built one at a time to ensure you get a high quality product at very reasonable price.

  • Quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are the foundation of my business

A little bit about us at
Sell Signs for Low Cost - 1010 Graphixs

Hello, my name is Allen.

I'm the owner of 1010 Graphixs. I'm a small business owner with the goal of providing our customers with truly unique signs and 

memorabilia made from traditional wood, or man made materials, such as, plastic or HDU.


Regardless of the median you chose for your unique project, I strive to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. This website offers only a small sample of what is possible.


Just give us a call to start your highly personalized project today.


Phone: 904-589-7716



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